Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Title I Reading Night at CES

On Tuesday, May 28th, the outstanding Cashton Title I team hosted a summer reading kickoff event.  Parents and students not only had the opportunity to check out books for the summer from the school library (Thanks, Mrs. Johnson) and sign up for library cards from the Cashton Memorial Library (Thanks, Mrs. Bjornstad), but also were treated to supper (Central Express) and a rare opportunity to build background knowledge through a live animal program through Zoozort.  Cashton students were able to learn about and touch a wide variety of animals that they would not be likely to encounter without a trip to a distant zoo.  The list included a chinchilla, a chameleon, a 6-banded armadillo, a coati, a kinkajou, a baby wallaby, and a Burmese python....that somehow ended up on my shoulders.

Thank you to Mrs. Menzynski, Mrs. T. Schmitz, Mrs. Kleba, and Mrs. DePaolo for organizing an excellent experience for students!

The Talent

Cashton 2nd grader holds a chameleon

"Opportunity" of a lifetime
Burmese python
Excited students